Have you always wondered how YouTube works? Well, read on to find out how YouTube really work!

Did you know YouTube videos are all in Adobe flash video format? It has the file extension designation of .flv. You’ve probaly experienced many different video formats .These would include –

-Quick time in apple that ends


-Real Network  Real Media.rm files

This is where I got the information from-

http://How YouTube Works | HowStuffWorks – Money | HowStuffWorks


http://How does YouTube work? | How It Works Magazine

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Pancake Day!

                                            Today is Pancake day!Image result for pancakes

Today years 5 and 6 were lucky enough to be able to make Pancakes…

Pancake day marks the start of Lent.

On Pancake day Christians give up some sort of luxurious food. (Chocolate, Sweets, Cake) They do this to memorise Jesus going out into the desert and fast’s for 40 days and 40 nights. As we are not quite prepared to fast for 40 days we give up some luxurious food (Listed above) instead.

Google expeditions

On Tuesday 10th people from google came in and showed and taught us  

Image result for google expeditions

                                           to use google expeditions.                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Every one really enjoyed themselves and thought it was amazing.

                   You have to place your Google expedition over your eyes

and some one i’ll be controlling a i-pad and and will choose a picture that

will appear on every one elses google expeditions.

You can move around and will see around you .It is very fun

Im sure you would love it!

from Jasmita


In Nightingale class we have been reading a book called Holes!

Teenager Stanley Yelnats IV lives in Texas with his destitute family, who have been cursed with misfortune for centuries. His ancestor Elya broke a promise to fortune teller Madame Zeroni. The family had potential for a better livelihood until Stanley’s great grandfather was robbed by Katherine “Kissin’ Kate” Barlow, a schoolteacher-turned-criminal. One day, Stanley is falsely accused of stealing a pair of sneakers and is convicted. He decides to attend Camp Green Lake, a juvenile detention camp, in lieu of serving a jail sentence.

He arrives to find that the camp is situated on a dried-up lake. The camp is run by its warden, Louise Walker, her assistant Mr. Sir, and camp counsellor Dr. Kiowa Pendanski. The inmates spend each day digging holes in the lakebed to “build character,” and may earn a day off if they find anything interesting or unusual. Stanley is eventually accepted into his tent group and is given the nickname “Caveman” by them. Later, Stanley finds a golden lipstick tube in his hole with the initials “KB” engraved on it. He gives the tube to his group’s leader X-Ray, who in turn gets a day off. On Walker’s orders, the group enlarges the hole which X-Ray had dug, but they find nothing and eventually resume digging individual holes. Later, after taking responsibility for fellow group member Magnet stealing Mr. Sir’s sunflower seeds, Stanley is taken to Walker’s house where old wanted posters and newspapers lead him to suspect that “K.B.” stands for Kate Barlow.

Day of the dead disco

The day of the dead (Dia de los muertos)!

On Wednesday the 2nd of October, year 5/6 will have a Day Of The Dead disco. The Day Of The Dead is a traditional Mexican party where people remember and celebrate friends and family who have died. On this day Mexicans believe that the people who they remember will come back alive and watch the celebration. They have street parades, play games and eat lovely meals. For the party happening at school, the year 5 and 6 pupils will decorate a black top and a black cape each to try and recreate outfits that they have seen and liked. A very popular Day of the dead symbol is a sugar skull. Dia de los muertos lasts around 3 days and is a happy and fun celebration.

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