Your collaborative presentation success criteria

  • All the slides are about the same topic
  • Colourful and attractive, but not too hard to read! (Think whether your slides look like they belong together – “themes”)
  • Impressive language, but make sure you understand it!
  • Worked as a team to share out the jobs
  • Your first names on there
  • Informative
  • Links – where you got your information from
  • Pictures, videos
  • Animations and transitions

Naajidah’s picture of what the Internet looks like

After our computing lesson this week, I was impressed when Naajidah showed me a picture she had drawn at home. It shows a phone connected by WiFi to an access point and then connected by cables. It also shows that if one of the servers isn’t working then the data can often find another way around.

A very impressive and detailed diagram!

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