Our Gurdwara Trip

 The Gudwara

What is the Gurdwara

The Gurdwara is the Sikh’s place of worship.

Our trip

On Wednesday 8th February years 5/6 visited the Gurdwara. When we got there, we had to take our shoes off, wash our hands and the girls had to put a head scarf on. The boys had to put a hat on (the Sikhs call them a turbane). Next a lady took us upstairs to the main room where she showed us where the Sikhs would pray. It was very pretty😏. In the main room they keep the Guru Granth Sahib (their holy book). After that, the lady took us to a different room where she taught us more about her religion with a power point that she created. Later that day, many other people fed us langar, which was basically rice, lentil soup and chapati. Everybody enjoyed it very much! After we ate, they gave us ice lollies and sweets! 

To the people who were there, I’d like to say……


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