5 thoughts on “DAY OF THE DEAD”

  1. Hi, the day of the dead, sounds cool I would love to hear more about it!
    There is a movie called the book of life and it has the day of the dead in it and some strange things happen on that day.
    Have fun at your party!

    Ayesha Rahman

  2. Hi Ayesha!
    Thank you for your comment! We watched The Book of Life and did some English work on it! We had lots of fun at our party, I hope you like the blog posts coming up!

  3. Hi nice to hear that you are surviving without me, i was so exited when i heard that you had commented back i hope you liked the movie and say hi to Mr Lathia, Scott, miss Marney and Miss james. Peter Pan the production better be good because i will be coming to watch it! i hope to see soon 🙂

    1. All the teachers say hello to you too! Peter Pan will be brilliant, we will be starting our class dance next week! We look forward to seeing you and hearing what you have been up to! I hope you are working hard!
      Miss Lowe

      1. hi i can’t wait to wach your class dance, but it won’t be as good as when i was there 😉 ! I might be coming to the christmas fair so you might see me!

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