Book Review of Journey to the River Sea.

Image result for journey to the river seaSummary of Journey to the River Sea

This book is about a young girl, Maia, who is an orphan. After staying in her school, Mayfair Academy for Young Ladies for 2 years, Mr Murray, her guardian and her teachers finally found her some distant relatives that are willing to take her. On the ship she spotted a mysterious boy in the corner on his own. This caught her attention, should she take a risk and go over to the boy, or just ignore him? A few weeks later, she arrived to the Carters house (her relatives). This was like a dream come true for Maia, or was it? Her twin cousins, Beatrice and Gwendolyn, are very welcoming at first, but as I read on the atmosphere soon changes.

Book Review of Journey to the River Sea 

I find this book very interesting to read. I highly recommend this book to anyone who likes adventure genres. 

By Sharmily Begum Chowdhury.

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