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Our Gurdwara Trip

 The Gudwara

What is the Gurdwara

The Gurdwara is the Sikh’s place of worship.

Our trip

On Wednesday 8th February years 5/6 visited the Gurdwara. When we got there, we had to take our shoes off, wash our hands and the girls had to put a head scarf on. The boys had to put a hat on (the Sikhs call them a turbane). Next a lady took us upstairs to the main room where she showed us where the Sikhs would pray. It was very pretty😏. In the main room they keep the Guru Granth Sahib (their holy book). After that, the lady took us to a different room where she taught us more about her religion with a power point that she created. Later that day, many other people fed us langar, which was basically rice, lentil soup and chapati. Everybody enjoyed it very much! After we ate, they gave us ice lollies and sweets! 

To the people who were there, I’d like to say……


STEM Club!

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engernering and Maths. STEM club is where you go to learn about the four subjects. It takes place on a Monday after school at 3.05pm-4.00pm. On Monday we learned about Murphy’s Law, it’s about when something bad is going to happen it’s going to happen. To know whether it’s going to happen you need to toast some bread,butter it then, drop it. If It lands on the buttered side that means the bad thing is most likely to happen,it doesn’t then that means it most unlikely to happen.I think it’s a GREAT idea to do this as you can get more children to get interested in Science,Technology,Engineering and Math


I will update you guys next week. 


Continue reading STEM Club!

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Have you always wondered how YouTube works? Well, read on to find out how YouTube really work!

Did you know YouTube videos are all in Adobe flash video format? It has the file extension designation of .flv. You’ve probaly experienced many different video formats .These would include –

-Quick time in apple that ends


-Real Network  Real Media.rm files

This is where I got the information from-

http://How YouTube Works | HowStuffWorks – Money | HowStuffWorks


http://How does YouTube work? | How It Works Magazine

This post is by Jasmita



How Does YouTube work ???

Have you ever wanted to know how YouTube work.  Well your going to find out anyway !!!


Here’s a explanation !


It’s not all about cute cat videos and funny home movies though, as YouTube has also helped people launch careers. For example, pop star Justin Bieber was first discovered when a talent scout saw videos of him singing on the site, and Zoe Sugg, aka Zoella, has got her own book deal and range of beauty products as a result of her popular video blog, or ‘vlog’. You can even earn money directly from YouTube too, as the site shares some of the revenue it makes from companies who pay to run adverts before or over your video.

Another benefit of YouTube is the ability to embed videos on other websites. By simply copying and pasting a bit of HTML code, you can enable people to watch a video on your own website using the YouTube player. This saves you having to host the video on your site which requires a lot of bandwidth. Bandwidth is the range of signal frequencies needed to transmit data over the internet and you have to pay for the amount you use. YouTube streams vast amounts of data each day, carrying the bandwidth burden for other sites that want to display video.


How to make a YouTube video


How does wifi work? (explanation)

Like mobile phones, a WiFi network makes use of radio waves to transmit information across a network. The computer should include a wireless adapter that will translate data sent into a radio signal. This same signal will be transmitted, via an antenna, to a decoder known as the router.Image result for wifiImage result for wifi



How does the internet work?

The internet is millions of computers that are digitally connected to each other by cable, fibre or wireless links. The internet is used everyday by people from around the world. The internet can be used for websites, listening to music, communicating with people or to do so many other things. But have you ever wondered about how the internet works?

If you are on a website and there are pictures. How do the pictures send through to your computer?

Sending and Receiving information:

An images is hosted on a web server, so your computer sends a request to the web server for the image. The computer sends a request for the image automatically.

When the request is sent, it is sent in a ‘packet’. Imagine a packet as a virtual parcel that hold lots of important information. The most important pieces of information are the web server that the images is stored on, and the IP address of you computer.

Special computers (routers) and devices (switches) direct the packet from your computer to the web server. Also, the web server could be local or on the other side of the world.



how youtube works


Since it first launched in 2005, YouTube has quickly become the number one destination for video content online, attracting over one billion regular users. The Google-owned site gained popularity by enabling people to share their videos with others all over the world, whether it’s an amusing clip of their pet, or footage of them dancing in their living room.

It’s not all about cute cat videos and funny home movies though, as YouTube has also helped people launch careers. For example, pop star Justin Bieber was first discovered when a talent scout saw videos of him singing on the site, and Zoe Sugg, aka Zoella, has got her own book deal and range of beauty products as a result of her popular video blog, or ‘vlog’. You can even earn money directly from YouTube too, as the site shares some of the revenue it makes from companies who pay to run adverts before or over your video.

The popularity of YouTube is mainly down to how easy the website is to use. Videos in a range of file formats can be uploaded as YouTube converts it into its Adobe Flash video format, with the file extension .FLV, for you. This enables the video to be played using YouTube’s Flash player, which can be installed on your computer or smart device for free.

Another benefit of YouTube is the ability to embed videos on other websites. By simply copying and pasting a bit of HTML code, you can enable people to watch a video on your own website using the YouTube player. This saves you having to host the video on your site which requires a lot of bandwidth. Bandwidth is the range of signal frequencies needed to transmit data over the internet and you have to pay for the amount you use. YouTube streams vast amounts of data each day, carrying the bandwidth burden for other sites that want to display video.

How does WIFI work

Like mobile phones, a WiFi network makes use of radio waves to transmit information across a network. The computer should include a wireless adapter that will translate data sent into a radio signal. This same signal will be transmitted, via an antenna, to a decoder known as the route.

#Here is a link [] this link is for how does  the WIFI work.


How Whats App works

This video will help us know how it will work. Now lets see how whats app works.Also there is some information about whats app.So lets test you on what you now know about Whats App so are you ready and you really had to listen to answer so here we go first question

  1. What can you do on whats app?( by not just calling,texting,voice records and make group chats.)

2.What do you need to talk to people?                                                                                  Now have you learnt How Whats App works.



How does WhatsApp work?

I am going to show you how WhatsApp works. This is really easy to use and it helps you to contact your friends. This uses mobile data unless you have wifi. Its a easier way to message people and you can even send pictures, voice messages and even emojis. You can even call and face time people off of it. This will even send to people if they are on the other side off the world. You can also make group chts and things like that so you can speak to more than 1 person at a time. Also after a  year you need to pay £0.99p.

How does… Smart Phone Touch screens work?

Definitions of word at the bottom of the post. Look for words hi-lighted in red.
‘Unlike resistive touch screens, capacitive screens do not use the pressure of your finger to create a charge in the flow of electricity. Instead the work with any thing that holds an electrical charge – including human skin.’
Basically, your phone will need your skin to complete the electrical circuit, using your skin will help the phone find where you have touched.

Here are some websites that I have used and will give you extra infomation..

Image result for smart phone hand

Image result for smart phone


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How whatsapp work

As the video says ( is a way to connect with friend and family without having to go to them.On whatsapp you can send unlimated photos,short videos,voice notes and texts.All you need to use it is wifi or mobile data,it is free until a year has past then ist costs only 99p.You can also set up group chats.

How WhatsApp Works

Hi Guys! I am going to show you how to use WhatsApp.  It is very easy to use. WhatsApp is a very good messaging app to contact friends and family anywhere in the world!Because you’re using data you’re not going to be charged unlike other message apps. You can send messages to the other side of the world! WhatsApp doesn’t have annoying adverts that always get in he way!It works on any smart phones. In order to use it, you need either WiFi (internet) or Mobile Data ( 4G ,3G and EDGE). Group Chats can also be made on it, so you can have multiple people on one chat! WhatsApp is free for a year then after that it charges you £0.99.


Check out these links for more detailed imformation…

How Does YouTube Work?

Image result for youtube

YouTube is an American video-sharing website headquartered in San Bruno in California. This service was created by three PayPal employees: Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim in 2005.

To help connect users to the videos they are looking for, YouTube uses a ‘complex algorithm’ made up of over one million lines of code. When you search for a video, the algorithm decides which search results it will show you and in what order. One of the main factors used to rank the results is video metadata. This is the title, description, thumbnail and tags that you give your video when you upload it, so you should make sure they are relevant to the content of the video and what people might search for to find it.

“Every video uploaded to YouTube is stored in at least one of Google’s 14 data centres spread across the world. These enormous buildings contain thousands of servers – the powerful computers that handle the billions of Google searches made every day and also store your videos. Giant cooling towers keep the temperature inside at a steady 27 degrees Celsius (80 degrees Fahrenheit) to ensure the equipment runs smoothly, and each piece of data is stored on at least two servers for extra security. The data centres can also communicate with each other to send information between them. When you upload your video it will be stored at the data centre nearest you, but when someone wants to play it, the video will be sent to their nearest data centre for quick access. This also means that in the event of a fire or other disaster, the data is sent to another data centre so that it’s always accessible.”

Find out more at:

Pancake Day!

                                            Today is Pancake day!Image result for pancakes

Today years 5 and 6 were lucky enough to be able to make Pancakes…

Pancake day marks the start of Lent.

On Pancake day Christians give up some sort of luxurious food. (Chocolate, Sweets, Cake) They do this to memorise Jesus going out into the desert and fast’s for 40 days and 40 nights. As we are not quite prepared to fast for 40 days we give up some luxurious food (Listed above) instead.


Hey guyssss. Its your girl    Jane and i have an update to my school year! First of all, its SATs time soo Year Sixs are very busy and they have to make sure the give the homework in the right time!Second of all, WE MADE DELICIOUS PANCAKESSSSSS! It tasted soo good and I defiently having pancakes for breakfast  all the time.I LOVE being in RedKite as we are a small class so our teacher (Miss Marney)  can handle us. The only thing is that in that classroom it gets too hot and too cold! Also it is very colourful  in there! I can’t wait to go on our Year Six  Resedentail ! Thats it for now! BYEEEEEEEEEEEEE


All about Albert Einstein

About Albert Einstein’s childhood                                                                                                                                                                                                     He was born on the 14th of March 1879 in Germany, he was Jewish.When his Grandmother saw him for the first time she said he was stupid.However she was wrong!Apparently he didn’t start talking until he was 4 years old,until he was seven he would repeat word and sentences over and over again.When he was about 5 years old his dad gave him a simple pocket compass,which became his favourite toy!From that day on he became obsessed with magnetism,which is pretty much about magnets.From the age of 7 he started to love mathematics and science.When he was ten years old a friend of his,who was older than him,gave him a heap of books about mathematics,science and philosophy,which is about how we think about life.By the time he was sixteen he had published his first scientific paper.Sadly he died on the 18th April 1955

What made him famous?

in 1915 he created a theory called Theory of Relativity.In 1919 the theory was proven to be right they knew it was right by an experiment.He became famous literally overnight and all of a sudden he got invitations to go all over the place,as well as getting honors from all over the world.He was awarded a Nobel Prize for Physics.

Different facts about Albert Einstein 

He couldn’t swim at all however he sailed all his life.When he was younger he didn’t like the violin although when he was 13 he started to love the violin and piano.Also he love to use his imagination.He had 2 sons.



1)What is greater God                                                                                               more evil then the devil                                                                                        the poor have it                                                                                                     the rich need it                                                                                                       and if you eat it you will die.

2)What can travel around the world while staying in a corner.

3)What has a head and tail but no body.

4)What gets wetter and wetter the more it dries.

5)What room has no doors or windows.

6)Which word in the dictionary is spelled incorrectly.

7)What gets broken without you holding it.

8)If you feed me I live,if i drink i’ll die.

9)Take my skin off, but I wont cry.

10)Imagine you are in dark room,how do you get out.

11)What can you catch,but not throw.

12)What is at the end of a rainbow.

13)What is as light as a feather,but the strongest man cant hold it for more than 1 minute

14)What is always coming,but never arrives.

15)What weighs more a pound of feathers or a pound of bricks.

16)He has married many women,but he has never been married.

If you know an answer to one put the number then tell me what it is in the comments.Also I will do a post of the answers so you can see if you were correct.

Gurdwara Trip

The Gurdwara Trip was AMAZING i cant even tell how good it was ...

Here are some types of food we ate…

We ate … Lentils we ate…chapattis we ate…rice …IT WAS SOOOOOO GOOD UMMMMM I WISH I COULD HAVE MORE  




Google expeditions

On Tuesday 10th people from google came in and showed and taught us  

Image result for google expeditions

                                           to use google expeditions.                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Every one really enjoyed themselves and thought it was amazing.

                   You have to place your Google expedition over your eyes

and some one i’ll be controlling a i-pad and and will choose a picture that

will appear on every one elses google expeditions.

You can move around and will see around you .It is very fun

Im sure you would love it!

from Jasmita

my mum

Hi my name is rayann and I would like to say thank you to my mum  as she has been the best mum in the world .Mum if you are reading this I hope you know how much I love you if you dont here are some sentences to show you.

Are relationship is like a heart that will never stop beating 

I love you to the milky way and back 

I love you to the moon and back

you are the best mum in the world 

here are some poems

you are as sweet as pie

and as pretty as I 

you are really kind 

and you may  get angry but I don’t mind

I will never leave you

and this realationship is true

this is my mum!!!

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In Nightingale class we have been reading a book called Holes!

Teenager Stanley Yelnats IV lives in Texas with his destitute family, who have been cursed with misfortune for centuries. His ancestor Elya broke a promise to fortune teller Madame Zeroni. The family had potential for a better livelihood until Stanley’s great grandfather was robbed by Katherine “Kissin’ Kate” Barlow, a schoolteacher-turned-criminal. One day, Stanley is falsely accused of stealing a pair of sneakers and is convicted. He decides to attend Camp Green Lake, a juvenile detention camp, in lieu of serving a jail sentence.

He arrives to find that the camp is situated on a dried-up lake. The camp is run by its warden, Louise Walker, her assistant Mr. Sir, and camp counsellor Dr. Kiowa Pendanski. The inmates spend each day digging holes in the lakebed to “build character,” and may earn a day off if they find anything interesting or unusual. Stanley is eventually accepted into his tent group and is given the nickname “Caveman” by them. Later, Stanley finds a golden lipstick tube in his hole with the initials “KB” engraved on it. He gives the tube to his group’s leader X-Ray, who in turn gets a day off. On Walker’s orders, the group enlarges the hole which X-Ray had dug, but they find nothing and eventually resume digging individual holes. Later, after taking responsibility for fellow group member Magnet stealing Mr. Sir’s sunflower seeds, Stanley is taken to Walker’s house where old wanted posters and newspapers lead him to suspect that “K.B.” stands for Kate Barlow.

Bonfire Night

Guy Fawkes tried to blow up parliament   but someone sent them a letter that it was going to happen. People remember it Bonfire Night now and this is the rhyme they use to remember:

Remember, remember!

The fifth of November,

The Gunpowder treason and plot;

I know of no reason

Why the Gunpowder treason

Should ever be forgot!

Guy Fawkes and his companions

Did the scheme contrive,

To blow the King and Parliament

All up alive.

Threescore barrels, laid below,

To prove old England’s overthrow.

But, by God’s providence, him they catch,

With a dark lantern, lighting a match!

A stick and a stake

For King James’s sake!

If you won’t give me one,

I’ll take two,

The better for me,

And the worse for you.

A rope, a rope, to hang the Pope,

A penn’orth of cheese to choke him,

A pint of beer to wash it down,

And a jolly good fire to burn him.

Holloa, boys! holloa, boys! make the bells ring!

Holloa, boys! holloa boys! God save the King!

Dia de los muertos(Day of the dead)

Image result for day of the dead the wordDay of the dead is a Mexican festival where you celebrate the life of your loved ones that have passed awayIn Manor
Primary we have been learning about Dia De Los Muertos. We decorated sugar skulls and practised our face painting skills for the party that we had on November the 2nd.  At the party we played games and danced with our friends, and after that we were able to have a three course meal which was nachos and dip, Chili con carni and cakes for pudding.img_4850

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Day of the Dead Party!

Yesterday (November 2nd) We celebrated The Day of the Dead in school.  The children all made cloaks and customised t-shirts in the style of the Day of the Dead.  With the help of our art work, we painted our faces and were ready for the party.  We had a disco and tucked into a feast of Mexican food, including chilli and rice, as well as nachos with spicy salsa, guacamole and sour cream, before dancing the evening away some more!

img_4897 img_4872 img_4854 img_4850

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All about Ancient Mayans

 Ancient MayanImage result for mayan

  Ball games                                                                                                                    Image result for mayan ball game                                                                                                                  Ancient  Mayans played a ball game called Ulama. There was a hoop 8 metres or 27 feet off the ground which made it hard for the players to score.The central court had a steeply sloping side.All of the players wore a lot of body protection such as helmets, belt, gloves and knee and hip protectors that were made from animal skin.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        What food they ate                                                                                                                       Image result for mayan food                                                                                                           Mayans ate things like cocoa beans, beans, maize, chilli peppers, avocardo, tomatoes, squash, potatoes, quinoa.Maize is sweetcorn but the Mayans called it maize. Squash is a vegetable that is similar to pumpkins it was used in stew. Quinoa was a tiny,round,ivory-colured whole grain used by the Incas.It is still eaten today.                                                                                                                                                     Mayan  Writing                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Image result for mayan writing                        The Mayan created writing by using symbols called Glyphs. Each symbol meant a word or sound. Glyphs were used to record events on stone slabs called stelae. They also created books, known as codices. These were made from soft inner bark and were folded like a fan. The four codices that still exist today tell us little of their history.But deal mainly with subjects such as rituals, astronomy and calendars.                                                                                                                                                                                                                   What they wore                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Image result for mayan king                                                                                                                                    Image result for mayan people                                                                                                                                                            The king would of worn a big hat of feathers with a top made out of beads , string ,some animal skin and some of it was gold.Also the king would of wore  a belt around there waist with a bit of the  front dangling down it was made from leafs, gold and fibres. The people wore small feather hats with a top a women wore a skirt men wore a similar thing to the king.The top picture is the Mayan king and the bottom one is what a man and women would of worn.

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Book Review of Journey to the River Sea.

Image result for journey to the river seaSummary of Journey to the River Sea

This book is about a young girl, Maia, who is an orphan. After staying in her school, Mayfair Academy for Young Ladies for 2 years, Mr Murray, her guardian and her teachers finally found her some distant relatives that are willing to take her. On the ship she spotted a mysterious boy in the corner on his own. This caught her attention, should she take a risk and go over to the boy, or just ignore him? A few weeks later, she arrived to the Carters house (her relatives). This was like a dream come true for Maia, or was it? Her twin cousins, Beatrice and Gwendolyn, are very welcoming at first, but as I read on the atmosphere soon changes.

Book Review of Journey to the River Sea 

I find this book very interesting to read. I highly recommend this book to anyone who likes adventure genres. 

By Sharmily Begum Chowdhury.

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Dia De Los Muertos

Dia De Los Muertos meaning Day Of The Dead is a mexican celebration in school we are learning about this festival here are some facts about Dia De Los Muertos (Day Of The Dead)!

The holiday has spread throughout the world: In Brazil, Dia de Finados is a public holiday that many Brazilians celebrate by visiting cemeteries and churches. In Spain, there are festivals and parades, and, at the end of the day, people gather at cemeteries and pray for their dead loved ones. Similar observances occur elsewhere in Europe, and similarly themed celebrations appear in many Asian and African cultures .

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Letters have gone home about the residential for both Year Five and Year Six!

Here is a link below to go direct to the PGL website to find out more!

This is also the link to last years, Year 6 Residential Blog and what we got up to!


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Day of the dead disco

The day of the dead (Dia de los muertos)!

On Wednesday the 2nd of October, year 5/6 will have a Day Of The Dead disco. The Day Of The Dead is a traditional Mexican party where people remember and celebrate friends and family who have died. On this day Mexicans believe that the people who they remember will come back alive and watch the celebration. They have street parades, play games and eat lovely meals. For the party happening at school, the year 5 and 6 pupils will decorate a black top and a black cape each to try and recreate outfits that they have seen and liked. A very popular Day of the dead symbol is a sugar skull. Dia de los muertos lasts around 3 days and is a happy and fun celebration.

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In English we are writing pitches for a brand new product – CHOCOLATEL.  It is a tradition Mayan recipe, using cocoa, cinnamon, chilli and honey.  Before writing our pitches, we made and tasted it, to help us create similes and metaphors to help persuade our audience.  Here are some:

Chocolatel – liquid of the Gods (Devon)

Chocolatel –  an explosion of flavour (Sharmilly)

Chocolatel – It will transport you to Mayan paradise (Georgina)

Chocolatel – this liquid substance will lead you to Mayan heaven (Princess)

Chocolatel – Mayan heaven with a spicy kick (Chloe)

img_0160 img_1670 img_1672 img_1673 img_1674 img_1676 img_1677 img_1680

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Hi World!!!!!!!


and I am a member of Nightingale class!!So i thought if you will get to know me a bit .

First of all,I am a female,but i am very sporty!I am very chatty and smiley so if you frown i will turn it upside down.I am 9 years young and a spring baby.I have a younger brother called Junior in Year 3 in Mrs Carlucci’s Class (their’s blog is Heron Class Blog in case you want to check them out).I have family around the world Australia,Africa,America ect…..But i love them anyway!

So that’s all guys so i will talk to you late


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Naajidah’s picture of what the Internet looks like

After our computing lesson this week, I was impressed when Naajidah showed me a picture she had drawn at home. It shows a phone connected by WiFi to an access point and then connected by cables. It also shows that if one of the servers isn’t working then the data can often find another way around.

A very impressive and detailed diagram!

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Hello world!

Welcome to your new blog

A few quick tips before you delete this automated blog post:

  • Make sure your first post is an exciting and engaging one!
  • Ask your children what they think of the blog and what they would like to see on it. Act on their recommendations.
  • Make sure your blog demonstrates to your children how much you personally love learning. Your example will be powerful.
  • Celebrate your children’s achievements and consider them the primary audience for this blog.
  • Use hyperlinks to connect your children with content from other classes around your school, other websites and other schools around the globe.

Commit these tips to memory and then delete them. They will self-destruct anyway if this blog exhibits any signs of being boring.

This blog will be what you make it. Enjoy!

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